Antonio Blanco Museum is Favorite Place for Tourists in Bali


Antonio Blanco Museum, which is on the outskirts of Ubud Campuan River, 25 km northeast of Denpasar, is the most favorite visited museum by tourists in Bali.

“Tourists both domestic and foreign the most widely demand for seeing a variety of paintings stored in Antonio Blanco Museum in Ubud,” said a tour guide, Made Badra.

In Bali there are at least eleven Museums, which keep various antiques and managed by private and government, recorded as the visited object by tourist traveling to the island.

Painting arts museum located in Ubud most frequently demanded by foreign travelers, such as Pande Wayan Sutedja Neka Museum, Ratna Warta Museum, Arma and Rudana Museum.

“The foreign collectors and painting art lovers most likely visiting artists in Ubud, to be able to watch the work of art and artists of the past and currently,” said Made Badra.

Museum Bali located in the heart of Denpasar that store various ethnographic items in Bali often become research location both foreign and Indonesian students.

Bali Tourism Department recorded the number of visitors to museums that exist in this area in 2013 as many as 192,105 people, 135,279 of them are foreign tourists and the remaining 56,826 are domestic visitors.

The number of visitors has decreased compared to the same period in 2012 to reach 368,857 people with 59,111 domestic tourists and 309,754 foreign travelers.

From all museums that are scattered in Bali, Antonio Blanco Museum receives the most tourist visits, ie 44,637 people in 2013. This is higher than in 2012, which were only 41,311 people. The museum most visited next is Neka Museum having 42,003 visitors.

While the third most visited is Ratna Warta Ubud Museum having 36,746 people in 2013, an increase from only 31,051 people.

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