Badung Supports the Implementation of “World Hindu Wisdom Meet”

Government of Badung Regency, Bali, fully supports the implementation of the 2014 World Hindu Wisdom Meet on April 16th to 18th, 2014 in the richest regency on the island.

“We warmly welcome the implementation of the event as it is in line with the mission of Badung Regency in improving in “srada” and “bhakti” to the religious teachings and increase customs existence in order to preserve Balinese culture,” said Secretary of Badung regency, Kompyang R Swandika, while receiving committee of Hindu Wisdom World Meet 2014 in Mangupura, on Tuesday.

According to Kompyang R Swandika , Badung government will support the implementation of the World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2014 that is planned to use Taman Ayun Temple as the object to be visited by the delegation as well as the venue for the closing ceremony.

In addition, Badung also supports the topic raised at the meeting about education that is based on the teachings of Hinduism. “The topic is very interesting because it becomes a form of responsibility of Hindus to the younger generations everywhere to have access to good quality of education,” he said.

Meanwhile, Secretary of World Hindu Wisdom Meet 2014, I Made Suryawan said that the meeting will be attended by around 25 countries and 33 Parisada (Hindu Organization) throughout Indonesia.

According to I Made Suryawan, the education based on the teachings of Hinduism (Hinduism Based Education) is an urgent issue that must be considered by Hindus all over the world so it can be a superior resource, virtuous figures and can take larger part in international world.

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