Bali Get 1.51 Million Dollar from Bags


Bali gain income of 1.51 million U.S. dollars from the export of handicraft bags made of leather during 2013, an increase of 4.37 percent over the previous year which recorded 1.29 million U.S. dollars.

“Similarly, in terms of the volume, that economical commodity has increased very significantly,” said the Head of Public Relations of the Provincial Government of Bali, I Ketut Teneng in Denpasar on Wednesday.

The bags export is as many as 415,912 units in 2012 or increase to 1.59 million units in 2013.

Although in terms of volume and foreign exchange earnings craft bags shipping showed an increase, the share of total Bali exports is still small, only 3.09 percent of the total export that reach 486.66 million U.S. dollars.

Ketut Teneng explained that the craft bag is one of the eight types of commodities produced by small-scale household industries that reach foreign market.

Other types of industrial products are components of the house, canned fish, plastics, shoes (footwear), textiles and textile products.

The leather bag is combined with Balinese beads ornaments.

Various types of bags and shoes made of leather are also put on display in the art shop in most all attractions on the island, in addition to being sold in souvenir shops scattered around the city of Denpasar.

Crafts bags are manufactured in a variety of unique and attractive design that 38.80 percent of them absorbed the Japanese market, the highest percentage of the ten countries that accommodate the products of Balinese home industry.

The remaining 15.84 percent was absorbed by Singapore, followed by the United States of 6.78 percent, Malaysia 0.41 percent, Australia 4.70 percent, Hong Kong 0.68 percent and the U.K.0.41 percent.

It also reached the market in France by 5.99 percent, Germany 3.09 percent, Spain 4.53 percent and the remaining 18.75 percent to a number of other countries around the world.

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