Bali to Give More Attention to Tourism Village



Bali Provincial Government will give more attention towards the existence of tourism village. This is shown bt the effort of the government to allocate a budget of Rp7, 5 billion per year for the management of 25 tourism villages on the island from 2015.

“Starts from 2015-2018, we target 100 tourism villages can be formed in which the management fund is assisted by Bali regional budget. We propose each tourist village to get 300 million, and every year there are 25 villages funded,” said Head of the Bali Provincial Department of Tourism, Ida Bagus Kade Subhiksu on the sidelines as the speaker at a tourism discussion in Denpasar.

The plan has been coordinated with regencies/ city governments in order to propose villages that deserve such assistance.

“Until now there are proposals for 180 villages, so we have to select again to be 100 villages in accordance with the Bali Provincial Government target,” he said.

According to him, the village developed into a tourism village certainly must meet a variety of criteria, including the potential and attractions possessed.

Regencies and city government is also provided an opportunity to give funding assistance to every tourism villages so that the village would be faster to develop. From Rp300 million fund that will be given by provincial government of Bali, it is expected that Rp100 million to be allocated for human resource development and the rest for infrastructure improvements.

“At every tourism village will have to be made governing body and given the full authority to manage the village. The legal protection for establishment of this tourism village in accordance with the Bali Provincial Regulation on Balinese Culture Tourism,” he said.

Subhiksu said that more tourist villages in Bali can also provide extra foreign exchange for the tourism, and reduce the boredom of tourists when visiting Bali.

“Out of 200 tourist attractions in Bali that exist today, if added with the development of tourism villages, it would be more interesting. Moreover, travelers tend to like environment friendly tourism, green tourism, eco-tourism and promote the culture,” he said.

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