Balinese Wearing Traditional Attire Coming to the Polling Station

People in Bali enthusiastically visited every polling station (TPS) by wearing traditional attire when voted in the 2014 Legislative Election.

“The goal of wearing traditional attire is expected that people to be more calm when voting and avoiding violence,” said Chairman of the Voting Organizing Group (KPPS) TPS 8 Banjar Kangin, Panjer Customary Village, Nyoman Handika, in Denpasar.

According to him, there is no special instruction or direction for the local people to wear traditional attire but it has become their collective agreement.

The men wore sarong with sash and udeng or headband. While women wore sarong, kebaya and sash.

This unique look showed in almost all polling stations on the island of Bali.

In Banjar Kangin, there are seven polling stations, with the number of voters reached more than two thousand people.

In the seven polling stations, it was guarded by three police officers from the South Denpasar Police and assisted by the Public Protection officers.

TPS officers and local police are also actively helping to direct voters to their respective polling stations given in the row divided into seven TPS.

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