Bill Gates Launches Indonesia Health Fund with US$130 Million


The world’s richest man and philanthropist, Bill Gates, along with chairman of the Tahir Foundation, Dato Sri Dr. Tahir, launched the Indonesia health fund to fight AIDS, TBC and malaria here on Saturday.

The launching event was attended by Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi and Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare Agung Laksono.

The Tahir Foundation, along with Bill and Melinda Gates, are to contribute US$130 million to the Global Fund and US$20 million for the extension of the Indonesia Family Planning Program.

According to the health minister, this was not the first time the owner of Microsoft was involved in Indonesian health affairs.

Besides supporting the country’s fight against AIDS, TBC and malaria, Bill Gates also supported Indonesian pharmaceutical company PT Bio Farma in the transfer of technology for manufacturing the pneumococcal vaccine, which is currently in a trial stage.

“If all goes well, the vaccine will be marketed in the next four years’ time,” she said.

The minister thanked Bill Gates for his support in the country’s efforts to become self-sufficient in the pharmaceutical field and build its capacity to enter the international market.

She also thanked Dato Sri Dr Tahir, who invited Bill Gates to Indonesia, and urged his business partners to become philanthropists.

Apart from Tahir, there are eight others who founded the Indonesia health fund.

They are Hendro S Gondokusumo, Lutungan Honoris, Adrian Bramantyo, Ted Sioeng, Edward Soeryadjaya, Henry J Gunawan, Benny Tjokrosaputro and Anne Patricia Sutanto.

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