Buleleng Airport Location Soon to be Determined


The government of Bali Province soon to determine the location of new airport in Buleleng Regency and targeted to be decided in the next few weeks.

“Only a few weeks, don’t be too long, it must be weeks. It just for the location,” said the Governor of Bali, Made MangkuPastika, on the sidelines of presentation from one of airport consultants from Canada named Airport Kinesis Consulting (AKC) in Denpasar, on Monday.

According to Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, based on the presentation of two airport consultants, PT. Pembangunan Bali Mandiri (PBM) and Airport Kinesis Consulting (AKC), there is a small possibility that the airport location will be in Sumberkima, Gerokgak, Buleleng.

Previously, there are two options of airport construction location in Buleleng, Kubutambahan District and Sumberkima. However, based on the feasibility study done by PT. ABM, they mentioned that the best location is in Kubutambahan. While AKC offered to build the new airport over the sea located in Tanjung Bungkulan water, Kubutambahan.

He added that in the next few weeks, there are also investors from Japan and Singapore that will present their study results and stated to be interested in developing the second airport in Bali.

Related to which investor will be chosen by Bali Provincial government, Pastika can’t decide yet and it will be chosen by considering various factors such as the most beneficial for local government, not damage the environment and certainly must be economical.

“If it is economical, if cheap, then the capital will quickly return (ROI) and the break event point (BEP) will be fast and finally it belongs to us. I hope someday the airport will belong to Bali Provincial government so there must be certain limit of time,” he said.

After the location is determined, he will also choose the investor to be recommended so that the discussion will be more intensive.

In relation to the plan of AKC that will build the airport over the sea, Pastika suggested that they need to visit the location first as the sea depth is up to 800 meters, it’s different from the ideal sea depth according to AKC to be reclaimed or to make 15-20 meters pillars.

Meanwhile, the representative of Airport Kinesis Consulting (AKC) Tulus Pranowo offered the concept of building Buleleng airport over the sea by establishing 600 hectares width artificial island and the distance from the seashore is about one kilometer.

“On the artificial island that we call airport city, there is not only runway but also hotels, gallery, meeting room, campus and others like in Hongkong and Dubai,” he said.

According to him, there are benefits by building airport over the sea, not influence the water quality, not distract or making Bali island dirty and no need any land acquisition, and in the future it will be the first airport with the concept of zero energy airport.

However, ideally the artificial island should be built with 15-20 meters depth by combining reclamation concept and installing pickets, paying attention to the wave strength, water stream, soil strength and so on.

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