Cultural Root Underlies Bali’s Human Resources Development

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika reminded that the roots of the culture and tradition should remain a foundation in the development of human resources on the island of Gods.

“The focus of the development in Bali is still on development of human resources to be an intelligent Balinese and has character because we do not have natural resources. The development of human resources must continue to be driven by basing on customs, culture, religion and tradition,” he said when open the simakrama or monthly public dialogue, in Denpasar.

In the future, he said, Balinese youths should be able to carry Bali Island to be a better one.

“However, after later human resources developed, still should not be deprived from the roots of our culture as a basic capital and improve the quality of human resources,” he said.

On the other hand, related to physical development, Pastika also asked to remain based on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana (harmony between man and God, with others and the environment).

“Physical development should not undermine Bali just for the sake of material gain. Bali nature and purity must be maintained so that the taksu (charisma) can be maintained. Not just a plan, but must be implemented,” said Pastika.

The former Bali police chief also did not deny that the first Bali Mandara development program was experiencing many shortages, including in terms of implementation in the field.

While the Bali Mandara volume II program is still continuing the program of Bali Mandara vol I that is expanded, deepened and improved, its implementation is supervised so that participation of Balinese people to oversee is needed.

“The media’s role is no less important because it carries the message to the public and can form an opinion,” he said.

The expectation is the media can form a positive opinion because that will bring the development of Bali for the better.

“Negative opinion that is not criticism will weaken the spirit in running the development task,” said Pastika.

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