Government of Denpasar Soon to Oversee Foreign Employees


Denpasar Government immediately will oversee the number of foreign workers in the capital city of Bali Province.

“We will form a team to put everything in order by involving the police and immigration,” said Head of Social Affairs and Employment Department (Dssosnaker) of Denpasar, Erwin Suryadharma Sena, on Saturday.

Aside from immigration and police, it will include the Civil Service Police Unit and the Department of Population and Civil Registration. Later the team will monitor and check the completeness and administration of foreign workers.

According to Erwin, working permit for foreign employees has now been arranged and conducted by Disosnaker as mandated by Law No. 8 Year 2013 concerning Foreign Employees.

He explained that this is done to prevent illegal employees, especially those using traveling visa for working.

“Mostly they work in the education sector as a teacher,” he said.

With so many international schools in Denpasar, its teaching faculty came from abroad. For one school, the foreign teachers can reach 12 to 20 people.

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One Response to “Government of Denpasar Soon to Oversee Foreign Employees”

  1. Nicholas Gracie Says:

    Commendable and I wish you success.Many undesirable people come to Bali and work supposedly as teachers or charity champions. My experience of late enforce this point and I am only too willing to help cull these undesirables who access Indonesia with evil intent.