Migrant Worker from Bali Missing at Burma Sea


Indonesian Migrant Worker (TKI), named Putu Suprapto, from Pergung Village, Jembrana regency, Bali, lost at Burma sea on March 20, according to a letter received by the family.

“The agent departing him said that he was disappeared while attempting to rescue lifeboat he drove. But we do not know the truth for sure,” said Nengah Tinggalini, Suprapto’s mother, on Wednesday.

She said that her son works in Swiber Kaizen 4000 ship, and just promoted as lifeboat, after previously only washing dishes and cleaning the ship since 2010.

Kadek Aditya, Suprapto’s brother said that the ship where his brother working is a type of tanker with Singapore – Myanmar route.

“Due diligence in work and learning, from washing dishes, he is promoted as the lifeboat driver. Usually once a year he returns home,” he said.

Until now the family can only wait the certainty of Suprapto’s fate, and receiving a letter from the company, if they will do search and investigation.

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