Military Hunting for Radical Armed Group


Military officers were still searching for members of the armed radical group in Papua after they clashed with soldiers in Puncak Wajaya, Papua, on Wednesday, a military spokesman said.

“We continued to hunt for six members of the radical group who fled after they exchanged fire with military personnel. They fled to a ravine. We believed that a few of them were wounded,” Indonesian Army Spokesman Brigadier General Andika Perkasa said here on Wednesday.

He explained that members of the Cenderawasih Regional Military Command 17 had detected the movements of the radical armed group in the Puncak District area.

Their movements were detected based on the intelligence report collected by the Cenderawasih Regional Military Command 17 over the past one week.

He said the military then followed up on the information, assigning a seven-member team of patrol under the leadership of Captain Suchori of Battalion 751 Raider.

“The intelligence report was true. On Wednesday morning at 8.05 a.m., the team encountered and exchanged fire with the armed radical group,” he remarked.

As a result one of the members of the group named Waniyo Enumbi was killed and six others fled.

Antara learned from military sources that personnel from the Cendrawasih Military Command’s Battalion 751 succeeded in confiscating an AR-15 rifle from the separatists.

The lightweight rifle probably belonged to the Indonesian Police’s Mobile Brigade, the military sources said.

The security situation in the easternmost province of Indonesia remained fragile. On April 5, an exchange of fire between the military personnel and armed rebels also occurred in the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border area.

An army soldier named Tugino and Jayapura Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Alfred Papare sustained injuries, caused by the remnants of bullets.

The incident occurred when the Indonesian security personnel were checking the border area shortly after armed civilians hoisted the outlawed Bintang Kejora (Morning Star) flag at a lighthouse there.

Following the clash on April 5, Indonesia closed the boundary fence on the border of Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the Skouw-Wutung area.

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  1. Nicholas Gracie Says:

    Just hope the cruelty of the TNI towards these people who believe their sovereignty was stolen by Suharto, is not an excuse to harass them further. There has been too much carnage of innocent lives in Papua.