Paris Painting Exhibition Promotes Balinese Arts and Culture

Practitioners and artists in Bali, Anak Agung Gede Rai judged that puppet painting exhibition by Balinese artist in Paris in 1931 or 83 years ago was able to provide significant results in promoting the wealth of arts and culture of the island of Gods.

“The success of the promotion in France give an enormous influence on the development of painting in Bali,” said Anak Agung Gede Rai in Denpasar.

The founder and manager of Arma Museum in Ubud explained that the puppet painting displayed in international exhibition got a very impressive award in the international world at that time.

Several Balinese puppet paintings and Balinese dances mission performed by artists from Peliatan village, Ubud, Gianyar before Indonesian independence.

“Echoes of the success of Bali exhibition in Paris in the past bring a large impact on increasing West motivation to enjoy pleasure in Bali,” said Agung Rai.

He added that the change is crucial, not only revitalize the spirit in the development and expansion of all activities in art, but also contribute significantly to the richness of Balinese art.

Due to the success of the promotion of Balinese arts and culture which finally open Balinese interaction with the West, which is mutually beneficial, not limited to insight of Balinese arts that is increasingly widespread.

“The conditions indirectly bring a positive impact on the level of Balinese welfare and economic that is increasing or improving,” said Agung Rai.

He reminded that all should be thanked, including the contribution of the West such as Miguel Covarrubias, a Mexican humanist who wrote the book “Island of Bali” that becomes a legend as an introductory book for the island of Gods.

Similarly, arts are inseparable from cultural and religious followed by Balinese people. On that year, Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson, American anthropologists also came to Bali in 1931.

“Their arrival to thoroughly study Balinese culture, character, beliefs, religion through Batuan paintings, the image that finally inspire foreigners to come to Bali as tourists,” said Agung Rai.

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