Trash in Jembrana Reach Up Seven Tons Everyday


Jembrana Regency, Bali, produces trash up to seven tons everyday so that the trash trucks have to operate in the morning and afternoon to transport it to the dump.

“The volume of trash keeps increasing each year. Solution must be found, not only by adding truck and landfill, but also could be by making waste bank,” said Jembrana Regent, I Putu Artha in Negara, on Sunday.

He said that building waste banks will decrease the trash volume significantly.

“Besides at school, similar banks also must be developed in each village. Trash also has economical value, as long as we always separate it carefully,” he said.

The Head of Environment Office of Jembrana, Wayan Darwin, said that his institution have encouraged the village officials to build waste banks.

“We’ve trained them to separate organic and non-organic waste. Besides, we expect people not to throw trash to the river. If they live far away from the waste dump owned by the local government, it’s better to be burnt or recycled,” he said.

He added that 13 units of vehicles have been provided to transport trash and 27 trash containers are available on the spot with the large waste potential such as in the market and dense residential area in Jembrana.

In addition, the government of Jembrana Regency plan to reuse the Final Waste Dump (TPA) in Melaya Village, which was used to function in 1995-1998 but it was closed due to protest from local people who didn’t like the trash smell.

“This TPA is owned by local government, we will reactivate it by changing the waste management system so that the smell not disturbs the local people,” said I Putu Artha.

He asked related institutions to inform the local people before reopening the TPA and employ them as staffs.

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