Badung Regent Instructs Billboards Arrangement


Badung Regent, Anak Agung Gde Agung, instructed the related regional work force to rearrange billboards installation so it will not distract the city look.

“At the beginning of May 2014 we will soon arrange the billboards installation so it doesn’t distract the city arrangement in Badung Regency,” he said when met with Independent Consultant Team from Wijaya Kusuma University (UWK) Surabaya in Mangupura, Badung Regency.

According to him, as a favorite tourist destination, especially as a venue for international events, the infrastructure including city look and environment will be important and promising things.

Therefore, Badung Regency government prepares infrastructure based on international standard by keep adopting local wisdom values.

In that context, the city look so far is disorganized due to the ads installations which was not based on the regulation and violated the norms and aesthetics, which really affect the public space so that the city look becomes not attractive.

“Not all of the billboards must be taken down, but it will be rearranged and as a follow up the local government will soon prepare the law by adopting the result of study conducted by Independent Consultant that determines the points as well as its design and size,” he said.

According to him, the arrangement will be done by prioritizing aesthetics, with the size made by adjusting and proposing the layout and design based on the space.

He hoped that it could be implemented as soon as possible as one of efforts to solve the problem of randomly installed billboards in the city.

Meanwhile, the Consultant Team from UWK Surabaya, Ir. Supriyono, explained that existing condition based on the survey conducted for five months in 2013, its condition was much disorganized.

“Badung Regency is a cultural tourism destination, so the consideration of Balinese culture elements in arranging advertisement becomes important,” he said.

Therefore, the design is prepared with Balinese decoration and ornaments and icon of Badung Regency, namely frangipani.

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