Bali’s Exports of Processed Fish to US Up


Bali’s exports of processed fish to the United States rose to US$1.29 million in February 2014 from US$895,000 a year earlier.

Exports to the United States made up 40.53 percent of Bali’s total exports of processed fish, I Ketut Teneng, Bali’s provincial administration spokesman said here on Sunday.

“The remaining 59.47 percent were exported to other countries mainly Japan,” Teneng said.

He said Bali’s exports of processed fish are expected to continue to increase in the coming year on strong competitiveness.

In 2013, Bali exported 6,043 tons of canned fish worth US$19.71 million , down from 8,649 tons valued at US$25.98 million on shrinking demand in international market.

Processed fish is one of six export commodities of manufactured goods from Bali and the United States and Japan are the main markets, Teneng said.

Other manufactured goods exported from Bali include components of house buildings , plastics, shoes, textiles and textile products, he said.

Processed fish contributed around 4.06 percent to Bali’s total exports which were valued at US$486.06 million in 2013 or an increase of 0.88 percent from the previous year’s record of US$481.83 million.

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