Fire in Badung Burns Three Temples


Fire occurred in Badung regency, Bali, burned three temples and resulted a loss of Rp200 millions.

“The fire broke out at 04:30 pm due to a number of children who burned trash outside the temple and the fire gets bigger and burning the temples,” said the Chief Executive of the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Badung regency, Nyoman Wijaya in Mangupura.

In that incident the Fire Department of Badung Regency brought over five fire trucks and assisted by local people, within 30 minutes the fire immediately able to be extinguished.

The fire occurred at the temples located in Penarungan village, Mengwi district, did not cause victims, only lead to material losses.

Until now, police are still investigating further to ensure if that the fire was purely accidental or there is any intentional factor.

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