Gov to Reorganize International School Regulation


The Indonesian government, through the Ministry of Education and Culture, will reorganize the regulation for international schools in the light of a recent molestation case in the Jakarta International School (JIS).

“We will reorganize the regulation for 111 international schools in Indonesia,” stated Director General of Early Childhood Education Lidya Freyani Hawadi during a press conference at the Education and Culture Ministry’s Office in Jakarta, on Wednesday.

Lidya reported that investigation into the molestation of a kindergartener from JIS had revealed the fact that the school did not have a license.

“The ministry can shut down the kindergarten, if they (JIS) don’t submit the license immediately,” she pointed out.

According to Lidya, the ministry gave a week’s time to JIS to submit the license for running a kindergarten. Moreover, based on the Government Regulation Number 17 Year 2010, the use of international label is no longer allowed.

Meanwhile, the JIS only had a license for elementary school, and was not a diplomatic school, which is built by the country’s embassy to facilitate the education of diplomatic corps’ children.

“Hence, we will audit this school (JIS) thoroughly,” Lidya asserted.

On the other hand, JIS Principal Tim Carr remarked that they were unsure if the kindergarten grade needed a license, as his school already had a permit from the Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education to operate the elementary school.

Related to the statement, Lidya elaborated that before 2011, the license for kindergarten was under the Directorate General of Primary and Secondary Education, but now, it has been moved to the Directorate General of Early Childhood Education.

On a separate occasion, the Education and Culture Minister Muhammad Nuh stressed that there is a possibility of passing sanctions on those who were irresponsible about protecting the pupils, as the incident had occurred within the school’s premises.

“We will take no more than a month to identify those who were at fault, careless, or not diligent enough in doing their duties, and of course, there will be a sanction for it,” he added.

Early this week, the news of a molestation case involving a kindergartener in an international school in Jakarta came as a shock to all. The victim’s parent with the initials TPW claimed that the incident had occurred long before the media coverage.

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