Governor of Bali Encourages People to Reject Localization


Governor of Bali,Made Mangku Pastika, encouraged people on the island to dare rejecting the existence of several places alleged as being localization as one of the effective effort to control the spread of HIV/ AIDS.

“So far the issue of HIV/ AIDS has yet to be fully addressed and the effort to look for way out should be continued,” he said after delivering Bali Province Report on Accountability Note of 2013 at DPRD Bali, in Denpasar.

According to him, the problem of HIV/ AIDS in Bali cannot be merely associated with the fact that the island is a tourist area, but it needs the society awareness as they all already know that it is transmitted through sexual contact, so it should be avoided.

More than 20 percent of commercial sex workers in Bali have HIV/AIDS, and higher number might be there out of the data exist at the government.

“The problem is that the mindfulness is in us. People must dare to refuse because surely they know of its existence,” said Pastika.

Pastika judged that the effective way to address the spread of HIV/ AIDS due to the existence of places alleged as localization and cafés makes the operation hard, rejection from the society and consumer also should refrain.

“If nobody buys, nobody would want selling. In the law of market, the more customers are, so the more the sales,” he said.

On the other hand, Bali provincial government has also sought various anticipatory efforts such as to improve socialization in a sustainable manner to reach all levels of society and enhance cooperation with NGOs concerned with AIDS.

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