Bali Government Supports the Optimization of Hindu Education

Bali Provincial Government is committed to support efforts to optimize the Hindu education so that people can have better understanding about their religion.

“We are very supportive of all activities organized by the World Hindu Parisad (WHP) this time primarily discuss Hindu-based education development. To advance the Hindus insight, it should start from the world of education,” said Deputy Governor of Bali, Ketut Sudikerta in the sidelines of opening the meeting of the World Hindu Wisdom Meet II in Denpasar.

He hoped the meeting of the world Hindu leaders raised the topic of education can be done consistently and sustainably so that people’s awareness to practice their belief in daily life is increasing.

“Especially in Bali there had been various types of Hindu educational institutions both formal and informal, but it still needs to be optimized. Pasraman for example, must be combined with formal educational institutions so that people can really understand Hinduism,” he said.

Associated with the desire of various public figures who want Bali to be the world Hindu education center, according to Sudikerta needs to be supported by infrastructure, facilities and adequate funding.

Meanwhile, President of the World Hindu Parisad (WHP), Ida Pedanda Gede Ketut Sebali Tianyar Arimbawa said that by inviting Hindu world figures who also are experts in the field of education, is expected to pass on the skills of religion, religion knowledge and religious norms to the community.

“By basing on religion knowledge, at least it can be the foundation depending on their respective professions. Example a politician, economist, teacher and physicians can carry out their profession properly. Take the example of a doctor, he or she should be able to love the patient as if their own family,” he said.

Sebali Tianyar reminded to learn along their life, in this global world the most fortunate are those who master the knowledge, especially information technology. We must look for tips to make man a Hindus as a whole and educational models should be more focused.

“The concepts discussed in this meeting will be finalized again through various workshops,” he said.

World Hindu Parisad (WHP) is the world organization of Hindu aimed at implementing the Bali Charter produced at a meeting of Hindu leaders of the world (World Hindu Summit) I on June 16, 2012. WHP aimed at gathering all the world Hindu organization to unite steps of progress for Hindus in the world.

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