Hibiscus become the Icon of Gianyar Regency

Hibiscus flower becomes the icon of Gianyar Regency, Bali, which represents loyalty and grows awareness to maintain nature preservation.

The assignment of Hibiscus was done on the sidelines of Gianyar Culinary Festival. “We invite all people of Gianyar Regency to redirect their orientation to the nature,” said the Regent of Gianyar Regency Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata, on Saturday.

He reminded people to use local fruits as offerings in any customary and religious ceremonies. “Through this festival we introduce green and horticultural products,” he said.

Gianyar Culinary Festival held on 19-22 April,2014, was initiated by the local government and fully supported by Indonesian Chef Association (ICA), Ubud Chef Community, Indonesia Gastronomy Academy, Junior Chamber International, Indonesia Advertising Company Association, Indonesia Hotels and Restaurants Association, and several elements of community.

Yoke Darmawan as the chairman of Organizing Committee of Gianyar Culinary Festival, stated that the event is a meeting forum for practitioners, professional chefs, culinary lovers, horticultural experts, husbandry experts, tourism industries, farmers community and students.

“They can have dialogue across boundaries and comprehension based on knowledge development and expansion about green horticultural products,” he said.

The festival also to empower natural resources potential especially the agriculture and plantation sector as well as improving farmers’ productivity and economy.

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