17 Spots Prone to Flood in Kuta


A total of 17 spots prone to flood in South Kuta District becomes a priority of handling to the Department of Highways and Irrigation of Badung regency.

“Most of the flood-prone areas are in urban areas and tourist area so it needs to get serious maintenance to reduce the loss of life and goods in the region,” said the Head of Highways and Irrigation Badung regency Ida Bagus Surya Suamba, in Mangupura, on Thursday.

According to him, there are several causes of flood that occurred in the urban areas, which is due to the geography and typography, the geometry of river flow, rainfall and tide.

To overcome these problems, city drainage management is done through macro handling in coordination with the Ministry of Public Works to do some maintenance such as the construction of a suctioning in Tukad Bualu toward the middle of swamp in Jalan Pratama Nusa Dua in 2012.

This is done to reduce the burden of the channel leading to housing around Jalan Siligita, Komplek Tragis Nusa Dua and surrounding areas.

Furthermore, the micro handling is by normalizing drainage channel estuaries, making drain towards the middle of the swamp and bamboo installation at downstream of Tukad Bualu.

Meanwhile, due to high mud level and garbage that is by cleaning river flow on regular basis.

With maintenance done by government of Badung Regency and central government so far has been proven to make satisfactory results, which is shown by floodwaters that frequently occur in some places populated densely can be handled in a second.

“However, I will continue to make innovation so that flood problems are not backfiring in Badung regency,” he said.

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