Balinese Community Put High Appreciation on Shadow Puppets

A puppetry observer, Made Sidia, marked that Balinese community’s appreciation toward shadow puppet is quite high compared to other regions in Indonesia.

“We observed that shadow puppet in Bali is still existed in the middle of globalization era. It is indirectly as a form of preservation since it often becomes a religious ritual medium,” said the lecturer of Puppetry Department Indonesia Arts Institute (ISI) Denpasar on the sidelines of the event “Wayang for Student” at in Ubud, Gianyar Regency.

According to him, each religious ritual in Bali tied to shadow puppet show.

“Started from shadow puppet show at temple area to a performance for entertainment called “bali-balian”. This performance is coming from expression and innovation containing philosophical message, ethics to trending issues,” said Sidia.

Therefore, he believed that in the island of Gods, shadow puppet will not be extinct as long as there is religious ritual.

“Bali will remain have and preserve the shadow puppet, as long as there is ritual activity. In Bali there are almost 50 percent puppeteers learning from generation to generation,” said Sidia who is also a son of a famous puppeteer in Bali.

According to him, shadow puppet needs special attention from various parties, so that people will be interested to love the puppetry arts.

“I provide methods to the young generation not to be monotonous in organizing a traditional art, but it must collaborate with modern technology such as shadow puppet show using lighting background, sound effects, so that this art could follow the trend but it remains a cultural tradition,” he said.

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