Balinese Still Depend on Imported Fruits


Balinese still depend on imported fruits than utilizing local fruits to make gebogan, a combination of various types of fruits, cakes and coconut leaves for ritual.

“I noticed the island’s community still depends on imported fruits and still lack the habit to use or consume local fruits, including for religious ritual purposes,” said a member of the DPRD-Bali, Nyoman Sugawa Korry, in Denpasar, on Friday.

He explained that, in fact through the Regional Regulation on the Protection of Local Fruits already issued but people cannot escape from dependence on imported fruit for consumption and ritual purposes.

“Therefore, I suggest the provincial government of Bali to provide incentives for indigenous village, which is in ‘awig awig or pararem’ (custom rules) requires its people to use local fruits in religious rituals and daily consumption,” said the Golkar politician.

In this way, the member of Commission II DPRD Bali said, the aim is to motivate customary villages in Bali want to take advantage of local fruits so that local fruits produced by local farmers could have a higher economic value.

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