Beach and Culture are Bali’s Best Tourist Attractions


The combination of nature beauty, beach, and unique culture become specific attraction for domestic and foreign tourists to travel to Bali.

“From various nature tourist attractions in Bali, more than half of the tourists visiting the island because they are attracted to beaches, followed by mountains,” said a Tourism Observer, Tjokorda Gede Agung in Denpasar.

Therefore, the policy of Bali tourism development in the future should be directed to conservation efforts and environment arrangement on beach/ ocean, mountains, rice fields and lakes.

From the data of Bali Tourism Department, tourism object that has combination of beach and cultural sites such as temple get the most visit, such as in Tanah Lot, Tabanan, located 16 kilometers to the West from Denpasar.

Then, Uluwatu Temple, that is also a combination of beach and temple perched on a steep cliff so it looks unique and gets quite many foreign tourists visits.

From dozens of tourist objects in Bali available for international community, Tanah Lot gets the most crowds with three millions people per year in average.

Uluwatu, that also provides beach natural scenery as well as ancient building. The tourists coming to Uluwatu Temple could enjoy the sunset like in Kuta Beach.

The tourists coming to Uluwatu in average 800,000 people per year and Beratan Lake located 45 kilometers to North from Denpasar that is visited by 500,000 tourists per year. The combination of nature scenery of Beratan Lake with the existence of temple is also visited by many tourists.

Tjokorda Gede Agung said that various cultural tourist attractions in Bali, tradition/ customs also cultural attractions that is most preferred, such as Ngaben (cremation ceremony).

Therefore, the policy on Bali tourism development in the future should be more directed to revitalization efforts on arts and local tradition/ customs.

“It is important not only merely for tourism interest, but also as an effort to improve cultural identity survival in the middle of globalization threat that is increasing,” said Tjokorda Gede Agung.

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