Directorate General of Tax Detects Illegal Villa Operational


Directorate General of Tax suspected illegal villa operational in Bali belonging to foreigners that could potentially harm the country’s finances.

“We will work closely with the Immigration to get the villa owners data,” said Head of Technical Support and Consultancy of Bali Regional Office of Directorate General of Tax, Sunarko, in Kuta, Badung regency, on Thursday.

He revealed that owners of villas are deliberately avoided paying taxes through leasing transactions carried out abroad.

According to him, the tax missed not only the villa tax during its operation, but also the beginning of the construction process, from land acquisition, the construction of the building, until the implementation of the service management system.

In general, the owner of the hotel and other accommodations in Bali comply with their tax obligations. “In Bali, there are 595 foreign investors engaged in the tourism sector. But not all of them recorded as WP (taxpayer) of Bali. Most of them register as WP in Jakarta,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Counseling, Services and Public Relations Regional Office of Tax Directorate General Bali  Tubagus Djodi Rawayan Antawidjaja, added that in addition to the villa owned by foreigners, it is also aiming for a luxurious vehicle ownership in Bali.

“We are still tracking some luxurious vehicles in Bali through the tax return (SPT). Are they included the luxury vehicle in the tax return or not,” he said on the sidelines of the press conference.

He explained that the Luxurious Goods Value Increase Tax (PPN- BM) of 35 percent of the sale price must be paid all in conjunction with the entrance fee at the Customs office at the time the vehicle just entering into Indonesia.

“But in Bali there are many luxurious vehicles that we still have to trace for its ownership. Maybe WP has a vehicle that is not from Bali? Therefore, the search we did should match with SPT,” Djodi said.

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