Motorcycles Contribute the Highest Pollution


Motorcycles contributed for the highest pollution in Denpasar as emission test results done by Environment Agency (BLH) for four days.

“From the total of 743 motorcycles done the emission test, as many as 212 did not passed and we concluded motorcycle became one of the highest polluters,” said Chief of BLH Denpasar, Anak Agung Bagus Sudharsana, on Monday.

According to him, the large number of motorcycles that did not passed the emissions test because certain brand of vehicle has imperfect combustion system, but it is still widely used by the public, especially young people.

“As the vehicle with the two stroke motor fuel engine must be reduced, besides wasteful of fuel, these vehicles produce high pollutant. Yet this vehicle is a popular kind of young children because it can produce a distinctive exhaust sound,” he said.

In addition, irregular treatment of motorcycle also causes air pollution. “Because the motorcycle was not taken regularly to a work shop for routine maintenance,” he added.

Sudharsana hoped that with the emission test the motorcycle owners could pay more attention to their vehicles maintenance in order to reduce air pollution.

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