Ngurah Rai Airport Pioneering Socialization for Passengers Not to Get Drunk


Management of Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali, is expected to be a pioneer for airports across Indonesia to socialize so that passengers not consume alcoholic drinks that can make them drunk.

“This can be done by putting up a poster that contains an appeal to prospective passengers who will travel to various destinations,” said an observer of Bali Tourism, Ida Bagus Surakusuma, in Denpasar, on Saturday.

The man who is also Director of PT Pacific World Nusantara raised the idea post the incident of a drunken passenger who pounded on the cockpit of Virgin Australia aircraft in the middle of the flight route from Brisbane Australia to Denpasar, Bali.

Posters designed in such a way that has a unique and interesting feature so that passengers do not get drunk for safety.

“Experience is the best teacher, if the design of the poster is good, certainly there will be no objection from other airport operators in Indonesia, even abroad to follow the efforts done by Bali,” said Ida Bagus Surakusuma who is more than 35 years working in the field of tourism in Bali.

The effort should also be accompanied with the policy from each provincial government to make local regulation or a Law implemented nationally that provides penalties in the form of fine or imprisonment to a person who is drunk in strategic places that can threaten the security and safety of many people.

“With a thousand dollar fine, for example, would be the consideration of a prospective passenger of aircraft or other means of transportation to consume alcoholic beverages,” said Surakusuma who is familiarly called Ida Bagus Lolec.

Although there will be regulations and laws for aviation safety from drunken person, the flight associations and flight crew remain prohibit and prevent passengers to consume beverages containing excessive alcohol.

Therefore, each airline has a strict security standard, including consuming alcoholic beverages to avoid undesirable things.

“Security standards, in particular to consume alcoholic beverage is very important, regarding that at any airport there is also a bar selling beers and beverages containing alcohol,” said Ida Bagus Lolec.

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  1. flacocomir Says:

    The Aussie cannot fly unless 9 x drinks and a pack of crisps!

  2. Jan Johannesen Says:

    Well, that makes no sense because we do not eat crisps. Americans eat crisps. We aussies eat chips!