Suspect in JIS Case Found Dead


One of the suspects in the sex assault case at Jakarta International School was found dead, suspectably after committing suicide.

“An autopsy is currently still being carried out to establish the real cause of his death,” head of public relations of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Senior Commissioner Rikwanto said here on Saturday.

He said a police investigator took Azwar to the investigation room of the Directorate of Crime Investigation at around 4am on Saturday.

The police then questioned him until 5am and let him take a rest until 10am. At around 11.15am Azwar asked for a permission to go to the toilet at the investigation room.

Rikwanto said Brigadier Ariston and another officer accompanied him to the toilet. After five minutes the officers became suspicious after hearing sound like someone was sleeping.

Upon the suspicion Brigadier Ariston called Chief Brigadier Hari to break open the door of the toliet and found “Azwar is laying on the floor’” he said.

Three officers then took Azwar to the doctor for first aid. After 15 minutes the doctor referrred him to the Kramatjati police hospital.

Rikwanto said doctors in the hospital said Azwar died at around 6pm.

Based on investigation at the scene investigators discovered a can of “Porstex” and some of its floor cleaning material content was left on the floor.

“It is believed he has drunk the floor cleaning material to commit suicide for being ashamed,” he said.

The police have named five suspects in connection with the child sex assault case who are all outsourced cleaning service workers. They are known as Azwar, Zaenal, Awan, Agund and a woman named Afriska Septiani.

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