The Plan to Build F1 Circuit in Bali to be Reviewed


The discourse of Bali having F1 circuit in Jembrana regency attracted comments from Bali’s public figure.  The circuit construction is planned to be built on 125 hectares of land belongs to the Bali Provincial government asset.

Head of Bali Parliament, Anak Agung Ngurah Oka Ratmadi, said that the construction of international circuit on a land owned by Bali Provincial Government in Jembrana Regency must be reviewed first.

He emphasized that the review of the circuit construction plan must be done in depth and comprehensively, which involves related parties. It also should not bring certain party’s interest.

“It must be reviewed deeply and there should be local people involvement. Don’t let the investment alienate Balinese people. It is said could make people wealthy but in fact people with low capital will lose,” said the figure from Puri Satria Denpasar.

In a separate place, the Chairman of Special Committee of Bali Parliament, Made Arjaya, said that it needs further discussion conducted by the executive with the Asset Special Committee to use the asset.

“To use the provincial asset, it needs in depth analysis. If there is a request from investors, we in the Asset Special Committee will review the use of asset to build the circuit,” said Arjaya.

Related to whether it is suitable or not to build circuit in Jembrana, it depends on the investors’ bravery. But with the region pattern in Jembrana, the road infrastructure is not suitable yet, for now the circuit can’t be realized until 2017.

“If this circuit for economy and development equality, we agree on investors entering Jembrana. Since the multiplier effect from this F1 circuit will be felt by people of Jembrana. But all aspects must be considered so it’s not to be done in rush,” he said.

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3 Responses to “The Plan to Build F1 Circuit in Bali to be Reviewed”

  1. Colin Says:

    I live in Bahrain where there has been an F1 circuit for over 10 years. It is a great facility but, frankly, it is not a money-spinner. Sure, the race weekend is lucrative to the local economy but the fees paid to host the event are prohibitive and there is also the issue of what the circuit is used for during the remaining 362 days of the year. It is a massive undertaking for the initial construction cost, the on-going maintenance cost and the annual operation cost. So the circuit needs to be in almost constant use to pay for itself. Frankly, I just do not see the venue in Bali having sufficient interest throughout the year to make it a viable proposition for the island.

  2. Shorty Says:

    Is this just another typical Balinese ‘build it and they will come’ proposal?

    Is there any commitment from any of the F1 groups?

    I doubt very much if the main F1 group would drop an existing venue for Bali. The F1 Asian series was dropped in 2012.

    How about F3, GT or JK? Any expression of interest?

    What happened to the Benoa and Lombok proposals?

  3. flacocomir Says:

    Just keep developing and developing and soon, there’s no reason to come to Bali.