Trash in Badung Reach 203 Tons


Waste production in Badung regency, Bali, reached 203 tons per day, which is dominated by household and hospitality.

“From the production of waste as much as 78.5 percent or 159.5 tons are transported to landfills. While the remaining 21.5 percent or 43.7 tons are managed to be recycled as fertilizer and other processed products,” said Head of Department of Hygiene and Gardening of Badung regency, I Putu Eka Merthawan in Mangupura, on Thursday.

From the total, mostly trash comes from Mengwi area, which reached 55.1 tons per day.

Then, Abiansemal district (42.9 tons), South Kuta District (37.01 tons), North Kuta district (33.4 tons), Kuta District (20.6 tons) and Petang District (14 tons).

However, from the overall waste production, it was not fully transported and managed by DKP Badung regency, but it is assisted by the private sector to be processed into fertilizer and other processed goods.

From 203 tons of waste, those transported by DKP Badung regency are as much as 60.10 tons and 99.3 tons transported and processed by private parties.

He welcomed the cooperation and support of the private sectors in waste management. “So people do not just produce garbage, but take part in processing them into useful goods and have selling value,” he said.

Moreover, Government of Badung Regency even helped some households and communities that also would like to manage and process the waste into useful goods and has a high selling value, such as a plastic bag made of soap wrap, household appliances and other unique creations.

Later Badung government will continue to make breakthroughs so that the garbage problem is not a backfire for the community and the government, but it can generate additional value for the local community.

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