Bali Urged to Establish Eternal Rice Field to Save Culture

Recognition of the United Nations (UN) Organization that deals with education, science and culture (UNESCO) has confirmed subak in Bali as a world cultural heritage.

This condition requires the existence of traditional irrigation organization to be preserved and be sustained by building an eternal subak (sustainable rice field).

The eternal rice field is not only to be built on 14 subak in the region of Catur Angga Batukaru Tabanan Regency and three subak in watersheds (DAS) of Pakerisan, Gianyar regency with a total area of approximately 1,000 hectares as one that has been determined to be world cultural heritages.

“The eternal subak also need to be built or developed by eight other regencies and one city in Bali in an effort to save water control system, providing clean, fresh air and avoid the conversion of agricultural land, which is not under control lately,” said Chairman of the Subak Research Center Udayana University Prof. Dr. I Wayan Windia.

I Wayan Windia who has served as Secretary of the World Heritage Proposal Preparation for Subak in Bali that have been determined by UNESCO, expected that Denpasar Government will pioneer to build and establish a lasting subak area.

The breakthrough is an effort to maintain continuity of agricultural land and green open land in the island capital city, because Denpasar city administration until now still has a number of sustainable subak areas.

Denpasar Mayor, Ida Bagus Rai Mantra Dharmawijaya, expected to be able to immediately establishes a lasting subak area that can provide many benefits to the community life, including as a new attraction.

Eternal rice field in addition to giving economic impact and fresh air also has a close connection with the city of Denpasar, which now holds the title as the heritage city, as well as a permanent member of the Organizational of World Heritage City (OWHC) involving 250 cities in the world.

In Indonesia there are only two cities that have been recognized as a permanent member OWHC, in addition to Denpasar, Bali there is also Surakarta, Central Java.

“The heritage city is not only about the keris and other heirlooms, but also arts and culture of local communities, as subak, the traditional system of irrigation organization in the field of agriculture are inherited from generation to generation, is part of elements of Balinese culture,” said Prof. Windia.

For the Denpasar government policy to immediately build a lasting subak area will support the heritage city, as well as stimulate and encourage the local governments in Bali to build the same thing.

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