Balinese Traditional Market to be Equipped with “Sigadis” Board

Various traditional markets in Bali will be equipped with LED TV screen serving Commodities Strategic Information Systems or “Sigadis” so that everyday consumers can easily find out the price of basic needs.

“The government through the Regional Inflation Monitoring Team (TPID) each day will enter the data based on the results of a market survey on what is the price of strategic commodities and basic needs. Later, it is incorporated into the system and processed, so it will appear on the LED TV screen in written form (running text),” said Chairman of TPID Bali, I Ketut Wija, in Denpasar, on Sunday.

For the first phase, Sigadis LED will be installed in some traditional markets in Denpasar, like Badung Market, Kereneng Market and Sanglah Market, as well as some markets in Buleleng regency.

“Mainly, it will be installed in the markets that we think are strategic and if possible would lead to a variety of village markets. For the system, it has been completed, there is still only obstacle in installing the LED TV that have not received permission from the Department of Licensing Denpasar,” said Assistant II of Bali Provincial Government.

He hoped the licensing process can be completed in May 2014.

“With this system, it could provide information to the public about the prices of basic needs so that they are not played by the market. Likewise, it also bridges between producers and consumers due to in the future this information can also be accessed through mobile phones. For example if we browse Sigadis Bali website, those prices will appear,” he said.

Wija thought Sigadis can bridge the producer – consumer because producers in upstream can’t be easily played by the middlemen. For example, the farmer wants to see the prices of onion and hot chili in a particular market, they just click it through mobile phones.

“If it turns out that middlemen buy at a bargain price that is far below the market price, the producer could protest or even takes the initiative to sell their own products to traditional markets. This will provide benefits to our farmers and will also control inflation because the price will be stable,” he said.

He added that for surveyors of prices everyday there are some namely through the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Agriculture, so the data just need to be put in the system.

Related to the equipment procurement process, all through Bank Indonesia that is fully included in the TPID, Bali Provincial Government only proposes it to Bank Indonesia.

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