EU Praises the Democratic System in Indonesia


European Union (EU) Ambassador-designate to Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and the ASEAN Olof Skoog praised the democratic system in Indonesia.

“I think it is impressive how far Indonesia has come, especially if we look back on the past ten or fifteen years in terms of building democracy in Indonesia,” Olof said here on Monday.

He also said Indonesia as the third-largest democracy in the world is also a pluralistic country. It can serve as an example for other countries, as a country that successfully implemented a democratic system.

Related to the elections in Indonesia, Olof hoped that the Indonesian people will fairly and freely elect the right president.

“We wish that the chosen president will defend the rights of the people in Indonesia and continue to ensure that the country is open to the outside world,” he added.

He also hoped that the president chosen by the people of Indonesia will be open to cooperating with the EU on various important global issues. Those issues are protecting human rights, engendering democracy, protecting the environment and upholding the international law.

However, even though the democratic system in Indonesia was efficient, Olof regretted the widespread corruption that still occurred in the country.

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