Govt Request Artists to Help Promoting Local Tourism


Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy appealed to artists and public figures to help the promotion of local tourism with more frequent publishing of domestic tourist trips and reduce publication on overseas travel.

“It’s important for people especially the younger generation tend to imitate what artists do,” said Director of Promotion of Domestic Tourism Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Tazbir, on Tuesday. He said that there are many tourist destinations in the country that is not known by public that actually is better than overseas attractions.

The help from the artists and the public figures have a great influence on society, according to him, it is very important in the socialization of tourist destinations that is not famous in the country yet.

“We will attempt to promote domestic tourism nationally and our mission is to mobilize inter- regional travelers at the same time we for not too many people to travel abroad,” he said.

Tazbir said the government is also encouraging and holding many cultural activities in various areas, which have become a tourist attraction. “We put a budget of Rp 30 billion for the promotion of domestic travel including to encourage domestic tourists to travel,” he said.

The government set a target to be able to move 252 millions domestic tourists to the areas of domestic tourist destinations this year.

According to the book entitled A Decade of Building for Social Welfare, released by the Cabinet Secretariat, domestic tourists traveling has a significant increase from 202.7 million trips in 2004 to 245.2 million trips in 2012.

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