Medical Examination of 18 Minor Boys Confirm Sodomy by Emon


The 18 minor boys from Sukabumi are proven to have been sodomized by 24-year-old Emon alias AS, Sukabumi’s Chief of Police Inspector General M. Iriawan stated here on Wednesday at a press conference.

“As per results of the medical examination, out of the 113 minor complainants, 18 are proven to be victims of sodomy. A boy was hit by Emon after he did not comply with him, 33 were inappropriately touched in their private parts, another 10 boys were seduced by Emon, while the other 51 boys confessed to us out of concerns from their parents” Iriawan remarked.

He added the 18 minors who become the victims of sodomy are in good health. However, most of them are in a state of trauma because Emon had sodomized them on more than one occasion.

According to Iriawan, while sodomizing his victims Emon did not hesitate to hurt them, such as the case of the boy who was hit as he refused Emon. Contrary to what had been reported in the media, Iriawan claimed that Emon acted alone.

“During the questioning session, Emon said he was addicted to it (sodomy),” Iriawan pointed out.

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  1. Nicholas Gracie Says:

    Castration would be just to this evil person.