HPI Bali Finds Difficulties to Get Arabic Tourist Guide


Indonesia Tourist Guides Association (HPI) of Bali admitted the difficulty to get tour guides who have the ability to speak Arabic language.

“We already have 15 language divisions, but if we really want to complement with one another division, it is the tour guides who are fluent in Arabic,” said the First Vice Chairman of Regional Leadership Council HPI Bali, Nyoman Yohanes in Denpasar, on Wednesday.

According to him, for several times HPI Bali has demanded for tourist guides who are fluent in Arabic, but could not be forced to comply it because only a little members who can communicate with the language of the Middle East, in addition to other foreign languages becoming their division.

“Travelers from the Middle East generally visit Bali for certain periods, the highest visit is around March. This kind of tourist majority has minimal English skill, while causing very large communication barriers between the tourists and our members,” he said.

Although the number of tourists from Arab countries is not too much or predicted about 2,000 people per year, but Yohanes said that their expenditures in Bali are greater than tourists from other countries.

“When in Bali, they are very enthusiastic about spending money. They like many kinds of Balinese souvenirs, although it is sold in traditional markets,” he said.

He said that there are people who reluctantly have interest becoming Arabic tourist guides because of the minimal number of visits, but they do not realize that the tourist group likes to spend money in large amount.

“On the other hand, to be able to speak Arabic is also difficult because almost none course that teaches Arabic language,” said Yohanes.

Until now, the number of HPI Bali members reached over 6,500 people and they are all licensed. The tour guides are divided in 15 languages divisions, including divisions of Indonesian, English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Danish, French, Japanese, Russian and so on.

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