No Region in Indonesia Has Child-Friendly Status: Minister


Minister of Womens Empowerment and Child Protection Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar said there is no single region in Indonesia that has a child-friendly status.

“No single region in Indonesia now has the child-friendly predicate. All are still in the process of becoming child-friendly regions. They have to meet 31 indicators before they can be called child-friendly regions,” the minister said during a coordination meeting on prevention and handling of violence against children here on Monday.

Therefore, she said the Sukabumi city should not be pessimistic about taking measures and passing policies to transform itself into a child-friendly city.

She said Sukabumi city should work hand-in-hand with all institutions and the people in creating the child-friendly city status.

“Different segments of the population in the region should support the governments program to realize child-friendly regions, so that every children in Indonesia can grow and develop as agents of development in the future,” the minister added.

One of the 31 points that have to be carried out by a region to become a child-friendly area is on how to prevent and handle violence against children.

Pedophilia cases, such as the one in Sukabumi, happened not only in Indonesia but also in the world. Many cases had occurred in societies abroad, so pedophilia cases had gained the attention of the world, the minister stated.

“This case is like an iceberg. We believe that such incidents have occurred not only in Sukabumi but also in other regions that have not been revealed as yet,” she asserted.

The minister noted that what had to be done together now was to look for ways to prevent such incidents from recurring and help children who have been victims of sexual assaults, such as the crimes committed by the suspect AS or Emon.

Emon, who was recently arrested in Sukabumi city for allegedly molesting about 70 young boys, had been committing such despicable acts since adolescence.

According to the witness Soni, who is also the suspects neighbor, 24-year-old Emon alias AS had been preying on kids since junior high school. Soni confessed that when he was in elementary school, Emon had once called him and promised to give him a turtle doll if Soni agreed to do whatever Emon had instructed him to do.

“I was with another friend at the time when I met Emon. He said he would give me a turtle doll only if I took off my pants. I refused to agree to his demand and ran away with my friend,” Soni noted.

Meanwhile, Chief of Sukabumi Police Precinct Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hari Santoso reported that the police team is still investigating the case. The police had identified 73 potential victims, all young boys whom Emon had reportedly molested.

Emon is now being detained at the Sukabumi Police Precinct cell. While investigating the case, the Sukabumi police team is coordinating with the Child Protection Commission (KPAI) officers and the local doctors to conduct medical examination on Emons alleged victims.

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