Diversity is Blessing: Vice President Boediono

Vice President Boediono said diversity is actually God’s blessing which, if managed well, could make Indonesia advance further.

In view of that differences must be managed well, he said at the commemoration of the Buddhist Holy Day of Waisak 2558 centered at Borobudur Temple in Central Java here on Wednesday, which was also attended by religious affairs minister Suryadharma Ali.

Boediono hoped Buddhists would continue to implement the universal teachings of their religion to bring goodness to the nation, adding that Buddhists in the country have long given positive contribution to the Indonesian nation.

The Waisak Holy Day has divine values that Buddhists must always observe. On the day Buddhists observe the religious events that Sidharta Gautama had undergone before become a Buddha.

Boediono said Indonesia has emerged in diversity and so he believed all the challenges in the current era of globalization could be overcome through unity and solidarity.

He hoped the Waisak Day could become the motivator to bring the Indonesia nation superior. Certainly to reach that level people must work hard, maintain harmony and bring forward the spirit of unity and cohesiveness as well as tolerance.

Bhiksu Tadisa Paramita Mahasthavira in his Waisak message meanwhile called on all Buddhists to preserve the country’s unity which is an important part of Buddha’s teachings.

The message must be observed and implemented by all Buddhists by increasing care to help other people who are suffering from physical or spiritual distress.

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