1,914 Schools in Bali Not Yet Accredited


Bali Provincial Accreditation Agency (BAP) recorded that around 1,914 schools in various levels on the island, both public and private cannot be accredited until 2014.

Chairman of BAP Bali Prof. Dr. I Wayan Maba said that he had proposed 2,221 schools to be accredited, but the approved quotas are only 308 schools ranging from elementary, junior high, high school and vocational school.

“Schools included in the quota certainly those that had proposed in one school year earlier or six months before the expiry of previous accreditation. Nevertheless from the quota, not including madrasah (Islamic school) but it will be assisted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs,” he said.

According to him, the requirements for accreditation of schools are very hard and must be met because of the accreditation assessment will really show the quality of education in respective schools. If the accredited school has a good mark, surely the result of National Examination (UN) is definitely good.

“That’s because the accredited school having good predicate, its implications clearly on the quality of the students. Usually the students’ intelligence and capabilities could be seen at the UN,” he said.

He explained that school requirements that can be an accredited are the school/ madrasah filling accreditation instruments, collecting data and supporting information objectively based on the existing technical instructions. The accreditation instruments that have been filled in should be sent to the BAP and comes with a statement from the head of school/ madrasah about the validity of the data in the instrument of accreditation.

There are also requirements to provide a founding decree of operational of the school/ madrasah, a list of students at all levels and the current year, a letter of ownership and photo of facilities and infrastructure, the list of faculty and educational personnel, information about applicable curriculum implementation and a list of graduates in the current year.

“If everything is complete based on the existing mechanisms, BAP will send an assessor team to carry out visitation to schools/ madrasah. They will conduct verification, visitation results and composing recommendations,” said Maba.

Meanwhile, Head of the Bali Provincial BAP Secretariat, Wayan Gede Jagra, added that sometimes the schools underestimate this accreditation.

“Although it is close to the expiry period of the accreditation, the school rarely report and is not registered again. When it’s the time for admissions to the university, then the school will be in trouble as the students cannot enroll in public universities,” he said.

Likewise, Jagra said, with the secondary school underneath, if the students want to continue to popular schools they will not be accepted, because the origin school will also be seen whether it is accredited or not.

Meanwhile Bali Provincial Government examined the possibility to finance the process of accreditation for various schools on the island following a report around 1,914 educational institutions from various levels in the area have not been accredited.

“I’ll call the Head of Education Department (Kadisdikpora) why it happened, while we are preparing a budget for 2015. It should be resolved soon,” said Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika, in Denpasar, on Friday.

According to him, all schools must be accredited because it is related to the quality of education.

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