ASDP to Add Tourist Transport Boats to Serve Domestic Tourists


PT. ASDP, the state-owned seaport operator, Indonesia Ferry Gilimanuk, adds boats operating in the Bali Strait to 29 units, to transport domestic tourists visiting Bali.

“After the national exam, domestic tourists who are mostly students go to Bali. We operate 29 boats to transport them,” said The Operational Manager of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry Gilimanuk, Wahyudi Susianto, on Thursday.

According to him, the increase of passengers from Java during holidays happened a week after the national exam, even some local tourists have returned to the region.

“Anticipating a surge of passengers we conduct it until after the holiday, because usually at the backflow to Java, Gilimanuk is fairly dense. But currently it is still smooth,” he said.

Students on vacation to Bali, is transported in groups with tour buses from areas in Java such as Jakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Jember and others.

“Almost every boats docked always contain tourist buses, which transport students on vacation to Bali,” said one officer at Gilimanuk Port.

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