Dog Bites Case in Bali Increasing


Bali Provincial Health Department recorded the number of dog bite cases in 2013 up to April 2014 increased to 3,782 incidents scattered throughout all regencies/ city in Bali.

“In average, the number of dog bite cases as many as 126 reports per day in all hospitals throughout regencies/ city in Bali,” said Head of Disease Control and Environmental Sanitation (P2PL), dr. Gede Wira Sunetra, in Denpasar.

He said that compared to the previous year in the same period the average number of dog bite cases reported to the Health Department reach 3,724 incidents with 122 reports per day.

“The number of cases of dog bites has increased this year due to the increasing population of dogs in Bali,” he said.

Gede Wira Sunetra also explained that there are no death victims because of dog bite in January to April 2014. “I hope there are no cases of death from the dog’s bite,” he said.

Gede Wira added that there is found one dog bite case of suspected positive for rabies in Buleleng, Bali.

He explained that in 2013 to April 2014 per month in Denpasar there are as many as 521 cases of dog bites, Badung Regency (720), Gianyar (562), Buleleng (460), Tabanan (450), Karangasem (359), Bangli (283), Klungkung (216), and Jembrana (191).

“The highest number of dog bite case is in Badung regency with 720 incidents,” he said.

For symptom of rabies dog, he said, can be seen from the large number of salivation seen in the animal (hyper salivation).

“In addition, usually a dog that is used to look quiet then became very aggressive and fearful seeing water is also a sign of the rabies dog,” he said.

He called on if there is anyone got bitten by dog suspected rabies, they have to clean the wound as soon as possible and immediately go to the hospital to get Anti – Rabies Vaccination (VAR)

“This is done as an effort to prevent rapid transmission of rabies to human,” he said.

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