Gov Reminds Maintaining Culture is Key to Bali Tourism


Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika, reminded the citizens to always keep the local culture as the key to sustain tourism attraction.

“Bali has no minerals and other natural resources, but we have a strong human resources, so it is our duty to preserve the culture that has been inherited,” he said during the visit of the National Defence College (School of Defence of India), in Denpasar on Friday.

In front of the group chaired by Major General VP Singh, Pastika also said that in addition to culture, tourism attraction in Bali is also natural beauty, a blend of culture and nature that makes Bali so famous in the world.

However, in addition to a fairly rapid growth in tourism, Bali still have many problems to be solved, such as poverty alleviation, public health, unemployment, cleanliness and control of large-scale land conversions are the focus of the government. If those problems could be overcome, it is expected that Bali can maintain the quality of tourism in the future.

“The increasing visit is homework for the government and Balinese people in maintaining culture as the source of the tourists visit,” he said.

Related to relationship with India, Pastika explained that Bali and India have historical ties that are quite deep, Balinese culture is heavily influenced by Indian culture. However, Hindus in Bali is full of ceremony, unlike in India that is full of philosophy. Therefore, he wants Balinese people to learn about Hindu philosophy to India in order to be balanced.

Meanwhile, the group leader Maj Gen VP Singh said that the military visit from the National Defence College  (NDC) this time is a follow-up of a cooperation between Indonesia and India government in the field of defense and security that have been signed by the two heads of the countries in 2005.  Besides Indonesia, NDC also have visited several countries in Southeast Asia and will visit Australia. Bali is the third province visited after Jakarta and West Java.

According to Singh, the impression gained in Bali is very strong, which is to see people lifestyle with the deep culture and customs and the people are humble and very friendly.

He also praised Balinese people who are still able to maintain their culture despite many tourists is coming to the region.

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