Museum Association to Make New Innovation


Bali Museum Association (Himusba) made a new innovation to increase tourist visits to the museum by rearranging a few collections of art and historical objects.

“In addition, we also conduct socialization through schools,” said Chairman of Himusba, Anak Agung Gede Rai, in Denpasar, on Saturday.

He also will involve the community and educators to increase the visits to the museum. According to him, with that strategy and ways, certainly the visit will increase every year. Museum that is managed properly will certainly become an attraction for people and tourists.

“Actually, each museum has its own distinctive collection so that each area has different collections,” he said.

Differences of collection, he added, shows that each region has a specificity that will be presented in the exhibition hall of the museum.

Meanwhile, Himusba Secretary, Made Wija, will coordinate with the owners or managers of the museum.

“We will always open the space so that the owner of other museums emphasizes the concept of visits amid the rapid rate of tourism. But we can not necessarily do much without the support of each manager,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bali Governor, Made Mangku Pastika, expected the managers of the museum on the island to be more innovative and creative, so that people and tourists are increasingly interested in visiting places collecting human culture and civilization.

“I expect the manager of the museum has the power of innovation and creative, so the visit will continue to increase, both local people and tourists who has holiday in Bali,” said Mangku Pastika at the inaugural committee Bali Museum Association (Himusba).

He said that seeing the development of museums in Bali is increasing, but the number of visits to the sites has not been able to the fullest. Hence the need for a breakthrough and learn from the museums abroad.

“The museum collection in Bali is quite diverse and each museum has its own distinctive character. Yet without any creative touches, the visits will remain stagnant,” he said.

Mangku Pastika said that at the existing museum abroad, its visits each year has increased, because the managers could present their collection creatively.

“We could see if people are visiting overseas, the most desirable place as the first spot is the museum, because in the museum people can learn the history of culture in the past and present as well as the human civilization,” he said.

Therefore, he said, the existence of museums in each region should be able to provide people a feel of the history of the past to the present.

“I am committed to and give serious attention to the preservation of local culture through various integrated programs and activities, including the existence of museums,” he said.

He said that Himusba should be able to build a harmonious relationship among its members, the business competition should be directed in an effort to progress together.

“Various international events held in Bali should be able to be used optimally for Himusba progress,” he said.

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