South Korean Dies in Accident Caused by Snatcher


A South Korean was found died because of an accident at Jalan Teuku Umar Barat, Denpasar.

The incident began when the victim Kim Eun Sol (19) and her friend Amy Fitria Sidhartha (18), went home from hang out on a motorbike, while the victim’s other friend rode his motorcycle alone. When they were passing the street in front of Kerobokan prison, they were followed by unknown men up to Jalan Teuku Umar.

Then the stranger tried to snatch a bag that was brought by Amy, caused the bike rode by Kim Eun Sol lost balance and then they fell.

The victim fell to the right side of the road and at the same time a motorcycle came from the opposite direction and could not control the vehicle so that bumped Kim Eun Sol’s head. As a result of the incident, Kim Eun Sol died at the scene. Meanwhile, Amy just experienced a number of blisters in some parts of her body.

Kim Ye Chan (17), Kim Eun Sol’s younger brother said that the victim had just graduated from high school (SMA) at Taman Mahatma Gandhi Denpasar and planned to continue studying in Bali.

“The plan is Kim Eun Sol’s body will be cremated after waiting for our parents coming from Japan,” said Ye Chan.

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One Response to “South Korean Dies in Accident Caused by Snatcher”

  1. Nicholas Gracie Says:

    You must wear a helmet is right but I question why the authorities who know the dangers of bag-snatching have not invoked a law prohibiting shoulder strap bags on motor cycles.