Bali Police Appeal Villas to Install CCTV


Bali Police appealed villas and accommodation managers to install surveillance cameras or CCTV to anticipate criminal actions.

“So if something happens in the villa or hotel there is equipment that helps the process of the investigation,” said Head of Bali Police Public Relations, Assistant Commissioner Hery Wiyanto, in Denpasar, on Friday.

Installation of CCTV is very important to monitor the environment, especially the suspicious things.

Hery Wiyanto expected the CCTV can be connected directly to Bali Police to make it easier to follow up if there is an incident.

He believed that there are many tourist accommodations in Bali, such as lodging, villas and small hotels that are not equipped with CCTV.

So, if there is criminal action or other security problem, it will complicate the process of the investigation due to lack of supporting evidence.

Bali Police, he added, have been meeting with officials of Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) Bali, one of them to discuss security in tourism some time ago.

“We also discussed the security related to traffic involving foreigners with PHRI,” said Hery.

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