Gianyar Government to Validate Data of Foreign Employee


Gianyar regency government is to validate the data of foreign workers as the implementation from the Regional Regulation on Permit Extension Fees to Hire Foreign Workers.

“We do this validation while waiting for regulation approval from Bali Provincial Government and the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration,” said Head of Manpower and Transmigration Department Gianyar, I Gde Widarma Suharta, on Tuesday.

In the temporary validation, the number of foreign workers in Gianyar per May 24, 2014 as many as 130 people. “However, we estimate there are more than the existing data,” he said.

Widarma Suharta said that he has sent a letter to the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration to obtain copies of foreign workers presence in Gianyar regency.

“A copy of the data will be our benchmark for the validation and verification in the field so that later the certain number can be obtained for the presence of foreign workers in Gianyar regency,” said Suharta.

Widarma Suharta put target of a final validation of the foreign workers data in Gianyar to be completed in June 2014 in conjunction with the Regent decree of the Operating Standard of Foreigners Working Permit Extension Procedure in Gianyar regency.

“Maybe the levy we will do in July. We hope this levy can increase the amount of the regional revenue (PAD),” he said.

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