GWK Founder Urges Police to Investigate Fraud Case


Founder and one of the shareholders of Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK), Nyoman Nuarta, urged Bali Police to immediately investigate allegations of fraud and embezzlement worth Rp414 billion committed by the old investors.

“The evidence submitted according to us is already clear, but why it takes so long? Thus, we are still awaiting the development from the police,” Nuarta told reporters in Denpasar, on Sunday.

According to him, those three reports are alleged fraud and embezzlement of severance reported by one of GWK employee named Ersad Broto on 17 September 2013.

Besides, related to allegations of fraud and embezzlement of land certificates and related to the alleged embezzlement of 25 plots of relocation land for the people affected by GWK project, however, it was given to the other party that does not have the right.

In addition to the three reports at Bali Police, Nuarta also reported the alleged fraud by replacing the signature specimen in Bank Mandiri Naripan Branch, Bandung, to the West Java Police on February 24, 2014 with a value for money reached Rp46 billion.

Parties reported in the four cases, namely Edi Sukamto and Ginawan Chondro (investors from Bandung, West Java) who invested in GWK in 2004.

Nuarta, the sculptor of GWK masterpiece, and Edi Sukamto and Ginawan Chondro each has 41 percent share of the total 82 percent share in the attractions located in Bukit Jimbaran, Badung regency.

While the other 18 percent share held by the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC), a state-owned enterprise engaged in the development of the area.

He stated that Edi Sukamto who became Director of PT Multi Matra Indonesia as the manager of the GWK and PT Garuda Adhimatra Indonesia never do the annual general meeting and claimed a loss although GWK had gained increasing revenue.

“Seeing that condition, then we finally get a new investor, PT Alam Sutera Realty (ASRI) that is willing to continue the construction of GWK,” he added.

Nuarta said that Eddie then submitted the total value of debt, which is the operational cost of GWK including taxes, employee severance and other operational expenses amounted to Rp414 billion.

The sale of shares and the payment of debt of Rp414 billion, he added, were met through the signing of a check worth Rp600 billion disbursed by PT ASRI. However, he said, in 15 months he had not receive details of the realization of the use of the money.

He said recently he received a complaint because the severance even was unpaid, taxes are still delinquent and the land certification process has not been completed.

Budi Adnyana as the attorney for Nyoman Nuarta suspected that the debt claimed by the Edi Sukamto is fictitious. “We have proof that the funds claimed as interest bearing debt for operating GWK alleged fictitious,” he said.

In addition, he found evidence that these funds go into private companies owned by Edi Sukamto, Ginawan Chondro and Putu Antara without approval from Nuarta. “Those factors led us to report suspected fraud and embezzlement,” said Budi Adnyana.

Meanwhile, Head of Bali Police Public Relations, Assistant Commissioner Hery Wiyanto, as confirmed admitted that he does not know about the case.

But he would follow up related to the case disclosure in the relevant directorates. “I do not know it. I will ask first,” he said simply.

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