Jokowi’s Questioning Pending As Ago Awaits Udar’s Examination Results: AG


The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) is still awaiting former Jakarta Transportation Service chief Udar Pristono’s investigation results before it questions Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo.

Attorney General Basrief Arief stated here on Wednesday that Joko Widodo or Jokowi’s questioning will be conducted based on further developments.

Udar Pristono is being questioned with regard to a corruption case in the procurement of Transjakarta buses.

“We want to firstly see the results of the investigation,” the attorney general remarked after an induction ceremony of echelon II officials of the AGO.

Junior Attorney General for Criminal Affairs Widya Pramono also seconded Arief’s views, saying that the AGO will wait for the completion of the examination stages before it moved to question Jokowi.

He also denied rumors stating that Jokowi, who is now a presidential candidate, has not yet been questioned owing to the fact that the investigation was still pending until the polls had been conducted.

Deputy Attorney General Andhi Nirwnto noted that Udar had not yet been detained because according to regulations, a suspect may not be detained as long as he or she does not flee and hide evidence.

“But, Udar has been banned from traveling overseas,” he pointed out.

In the Transjakarta bus procurement corruption case, the AGO has named four suspects: Udar Pristono, P, DA, and ST.

P is the former director of the Transportation System and Technology Center on the Assessment and Application of Technology. DA is a civil servant at the Jakarta Transportation Service who is in charge of planning affairs, while ST is a civil servant at the Jakarta Transportation Service who is the chairman of the goods procurement committee.

The procurement of Transjakarta buses was carried out through two schemes, the first scheme being the procurement of Busway buses worth Rp1 trillion and the second one being the reconditioning of regular public buses worth Rp500 billion.

The AGO has questioned several witnesses in connection with the alleged corruption case.

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