Residents Encouraged Reconciling after a Clash in Gianyar


Police encouraged residents of two customary hamlets (banjar) in Gianyar Regency that had clash on Galungan, to immediately reconcile.

“To maintain the security situation in Banjar Pinda and Banjar Banda remains conducive, we encourage residents clashed to immediately reconcile,” said Blahbatuh Police Chief, Commissioner I Wayan Latera, on Thursday.

According to him, the situation in Banjar Pinda, Saba village and Banjar Banda, Banda Village, Blahbatuh District, gradually safe and under control after two days of clashes, on Tuesday (20/5) and Wednesday (21/5).

Even so, the perpetrators that made residents of both customary hamlets must undergo intensive treatment due to wounds to be prosecuted legally.

Previously, the public figure of the two Banjars had a meeting facilitated by the Gianyar Police to resolve the case amicably.

The incident that occurred on Tuesday (20/5) at 01.00 am was triggered by a group of youths from Banjar Banda who rode motorcycles with noisy sound deafening residents of Banjar Pinda.

Some residents tried to find a group of young people who made the noise, but they were not found. A few minutes later seven young men from Banjar Banda came riding a motorcycle.

Arriving in front of Banjar Pinda, they were hit by trash can causing a rider from Banjar Banda, I Putu Adi Surya Pratama (14), fell and befell on I Putu Arta (22), a resident of Banjar Pinda.

Seeing Arta got hit by Adi Surya’s vehicle, residents of Banjar Pinda came out of the house after hearing the sound of “kulkul” or bamboo bell and overran the rider from Banjar Banda.

The incident continued on Wednesday (21/5) when Hindus celebrated Galungan. Around 50 residents of Banjar Banda came to the house of I Wayan Sadya (34) in Banjar Pinda for revenge towardsthe incident experienced by Adi Surya.

Sadya suffered wounds on the right rib, face and mouth after the Banjar Banda residents attacked him so that he had to undergo treatment in hospital.

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