Vice President Warns About Possible Infiltration of Radical Ideology


Vice President Boediono has called on the Nahdlatul Ulama Women Organization (Muslimat NU) to be alert about possible infiltration from groups with radical ideology.

“Muslimat NU members must be alert with regard to increasing infiltration efforts by other groups that carry ideologies from abroad,” he said when opening a national working meeting of the organization here on Wednesday.

Boediono said radical Islamic ideologues were coming from foreign countries, who wish to destroy Indonesia’s pillars of nationhood. They came through educational institutions and preached doctrines among school children to university students, propagating religious teachings that can disrupt the peace and harmony that have been established in the country.

He said Muslimat NU, as a women’s organization with members consisting of mothers and structured across the country, plays an important role in preserving national solidarity through households and educational institutions as well as other Muslim apparatus that have developed so far.

“Our children must be guarded against the infiltration. Muslimat NU as an organization with ‘ahlussunnah wal jamaah’ ideology is tolerant towards diversity and moderate. The role of Muslimat NU is important in this regard,” he added.

Boediono said Muslimat NU’s activities have also reached the grass root members in various villages and thus can help the government in reaching out to them.

“In view of that, the state must cooperate with Muslimat NU,” he noted.

At the same forum, the general chairman of Nahdlatul Ulama, which is one of the largest Islamic organizations in the country, Said Aqil Siroj, said the Islam practiced and taught by NU is a peaceful and tolerant Islam.

“NU Islam is Islam ‘Nusantara’ and not Islam from Arabia or the Middle East,” he added.

As a social organization that participated in founding the country, he said NU is concerned with creating peace, security, justice and prosperity in Indonesia.

“The main jihad (holy war) is fighting to make the people more faithful to Allah and protect all citizens by providing them with food, clothes, housing and health,” he said.

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